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We were Instagram Hacked but We Are Back!

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Right in the middle of Thanksgiving week, #PrettyGirlsPole was hacked before we could launch PINK FRIDAY sales to the posse!

We would like to extend sincere apologies and reassure that we received every DM, email and text regarding Pink Friday deals from the Posse. To accommodate our Posse, we extended Cyber Monday Deals to access the Pretty and Paid OnlyFans Masterclass until Sunday, December 6, 2021 (Midnight).


Why Are People Getting Hacked?

Cyber hacking (or web-scraping) is at an all-time high and there are no federal laws to defend social media stealing but there are articles that reports some of the perps who are hacking & harassing for social media handles have been caught and put in jail. We have taken every precaution to ensure the PGP community is protected!

Unfortunately, over 214 Million social media accounts were hacked since January 2021 alone due to a misconfigured data leak that allowed information accessible without a password. As a result, anyone who could connect to view personal information, phone numbers, email addresses (Firewall Times, 2021).

Although, we so happened to be that one in a million that was hacked so was our our CEO @positive.ashley accounts was infiltrated too by a pretend Instagram (see photo)! Please help her get her page back by reporting the hack.

Our team never saw that coming and immediately went through several channels to report our page and update the posse.

We assure you that the ONLY our Instagram was infiltrated, and your data is still safe. All precautions commenced immediately to ensure our company & clients are safe.

The top reasons why people get hacked:

  • The respond to bot/spam accounts, click suspicious links (like we did)

  • Hackers resell accounts at high bids/and or ransom that have engagement.

  • In the cyber world, it has become too often company's such as Instagram gets breached via database gets infiltrated typically by someone in the company through app updates,

How We Got our Account Back?

Well first, Instagram's Help Center is not much of Help if you are hacked - at all. According to Instagram, If you can't access Instagram and reach your Instagram profile settings, you won't be able to continue. but after taking a few different approaches, we believe all of the steps taken below can help retrieve your account back.

  1. We asked the Posse to report our page - the more people who report a page creates an alert to Instagram regarding suspicious activity. When you report a page, Instagram also alerts you that they will investigate the situation. Thank you so much for doing this for us.

2. We spammed Instagram's email (be sure you are emailing or an email from Facebook to verify that you are truly communicating with the company).

3. We verified our business through Facebook - here's how. If you have ever made a Facebook page, your Instagram account is connected. So, if your email/or number has not been changed by the hacker, Facebook can confirm that it is you.

4. Do Not Follow Accounts with 0 Photos or Followers.

What To Do if you are Hacked?

If you have time, instantly change your password before the hacker does. Ironically when we received an email from Instagram saying our email was changed the link attached to the email was broken and did not allow us to secure our account.

Absolutely, DO NOT respond to the hackers, give ransom money or respond to emails asking for your number.

We do not suggest negotiating with perp as this may lead to harassment, them hacking other information or extortion.


  1. First, update your settings to TWO - FACTOR VERIFICATION (located in your account settings). This will create extra security if any unknown device tries to access your account you will be notified and you will receive a text.

  2. Do Not Open Links or DMs not sent from Instagram. Unfortunately, we mistakenly opened the link from the fake page because they said we posted something against Community Guidelines.

  3. (If you can) Make your page PRIVATE - of course if you set your profile to business, you cannot make your account private due to some of the insights and features but if your account is used for personal use, the best way to screen the bots/fake accounts is to literally approve or deny each one of your followers.

  4. If you have a contact section on Instagram - only sync a business n umber that is not attached to your personal line. If you use your personal number that makes hacking other personal information that your number may be connected to (e.g., phone bill, reveals your location, etc.)

We hope these tips helped you keep you hacker FREE!

We cannot thank you pretties enough for your patience, support and engagement over the past few years, especially those who subscribed to the tribe to stay in tune with the latest news.

We hope you pretties stay safe, grounded and PAID!

Leave a comment below for any questions - The Communications Team.

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