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  • Payment & Processing
    After the first deposit is paid, our system will send deposit confirmation receipt. Next, you will receive an email or payment agreement plan options (based vary on which event/workshop paid for) link to start your payment plan and for you to sign and return electronically. If you are offered a payment plan, you will be offered payment plans on a 3 or 4 month basis to pay off certification with making once a month payments, weekly or bi-weekly payments which can be paid by debit or credit through our secured transaction link. Processing fees from third party payment gateways (such as Wix, Paypal, and/or Stripe) and taxes will be added at checkout. It is always optional to pay off the remainder in advance, submit full payments to paypal to All payments must be paid completely prior to service/and/or product is delivered. Certification payments must be completed at least 5 days before your cohort date. See payment policy within Course Policy located in Book Online > Online Courses for the most updated policy. There are no refunds given at any time after initial deposit/or payment investment is made by prospective students/and or customers. *All in person certifications require a deposit. *Refunds are redistributed if Pretty Girls Pole Inc cancels an event with no intention of curating a "make up" event.
  • Refunds and Deposits
    Certification tuition deposits and registration fees are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable. Certifications: Once certifications deposits are received, participants understand they are reserving a space for participants in Pretty Girls Pole Inc Beginner Dance and Teacher Training which secures their space in advance. All deposits and payments toward certifications are non-refundable. In the event a participant must drop out before completing their balance, all remaining payment balance is accepted for a one-time transfer to the next upcoming certification cohort if there is available space with additional reservation rescheduling fee. This must be done by emailing If prospective student fails to complete payment after funds are transferred to the next co-hort, they will have forfeited actively participating in class and will be encouraged to sign up at full cost for the next certification co-hort. Notification to withdraw from class must be received in writing by TDA at least 30days prior to Certification date to stop tuition payment for the following month. No exceptions. Virtual and In Person Class Refund Policy: In the event you miss a virtual class, replay will be available (if recorded) to purchase and practice at your on time whether participating online and/or in person. Online workshops or classes have a NO REFUND or NO CLASS MAKE UP POLICY. In the event you are a in person participant and/or do not have a pole at home to practice this would be considered a "No Show/No class cancellation" with no opportunity to retake the class or receive a refund. To ensure that your money is refunded, students must purchase a $5 NON-REFUNDABLE "no show insurance" ticket (if available) at the time of booking to receive your registration money back guarantee. Refunds must be requested at least 3 days prior to the event day to receive their registration funds back) exclusively to Pretty Girls Pole company email via Upon Refund Request registrants understand that it may take up to 72 hours to review refund request and if request is approved refunds may take up to 3 to 14 business days once refund request has been reviewed. An email confirmation will be delivered to the email address associated with the original registrant's email and refunded back within the following payment processing options (Zelle, PayPal and or/ redirected back to credit/ debit card used) Purchasing this "No show and or Insurance" ticket allows the registrant to receive the purchase ticket amount and Pretty Girls Pole keeps $5 for reserving per ticket purchases. If two tickets are purchased, (2) No Show Insurance tickets must be purchased for Pretty Girls Pole to honor returning two tickets within the policy refund days. In the event the student/registrant cancels class or workshop after the 3 day policy or 72 hours away from the posted class/workshop time, the registrant forfeits the $5 no show insurance which makes the refund request NULL and VOID causing the registrant's request to be denied refund. Upon the student attending class, the $5 no show insurance is not returned as a "reward or rebate" to the registrant. It is encouraged all students arrive to class at least 5-15min early to change, check in or to park. All classes will start promptly at the time suggestion within registration. In the event PGP's website or ZOOM is having connection issues the Pretty Girls Pole communication team will send an email to online participants to access LIVE on Google Me (or a different 3rd party) and/or will receive a LIVE recording of class to access for REPLAY with no additional cost or expectation to pay.
  • Missed Classes
    Students are considered absent, if they are 15minutes late once class has started. If a student fails to attend a class they forfeit completing the rest of the course if it is proven via document (court approved, hospitalization or doctor’s recommendation) the participant forfeits all deposits and payments made toward Pretty Girls Pole Teacher Training course. In the event you can excuse your absence, participants will have an option to take the remainder of the course in the next cohort for in person (at their own expense, via travel/stay/time) or a scheduled day can be arranged to make up class with Master Instructor studio (additional fees may apply).
  • Keywords
    Pole Teacher Training (PTT) - While pretty girls or fly guys are in training, all hours are added to the PGP database after completing certification. to count towards graduation, master trainer or training. Registered Pole Teacher (RPT) - Registered Pole Training hours are hours a prospective pole professor receives once they have completed a certification program. All hours are logged and added based on attendance, passing course curriculum, practical, lecture and pole training.
  • What to expect for #PrettyGirlsPole certification
    To all who are interested, all prospective students must apply online. In person pretty girls receive an opportunity to join a global pole community, unforgettable pole sisters & the confidence to lead your own pole classes as a extra stream of revenue! Your Welcome package will include the following: Manual + Swag Bag, added to #PrettyGirlsPole Directory, student graduation, cash opportunities to earn extra income, 40% OFF online merch, option for BTS Mentorship plus entry to our private online community! Transfer certification cohort policy is disclosed within this link. Disclaimer - Pretty Girls Pole reserves the right to deny transfers request forms if they are submitted late.
  • Types of Certifications
    1. 3 Day Basic/Beginner In Person or Online Course - This 20 hour course is available online or in person, that includes homework, routines, manual (e-manuel if registered online), swag bag, Welcome documents, exam and certification. Check for upcoming class dates in your city or the next online co-hort! 2. 1 on 1 - 4 to 6 week Training - This is a 30 Hour course that includes being certified as Master #PrettyGirlsPole instructor where you can reteach and train #PrettyGirlsPole workshops, certifications and other cirriculms as well as added to our directory plus BTS (Behind the Scene) Mentorship Training is added to help launch your pole career/journey! Committing to this course allows you to train on your time (1 or 2 classes per week until training is complete)with hands on support from #PrettyGirlsPole Founder, Positive Ashley. This certification can be in person/or online. Email for inquiry/quote. 3. 2 Day Level 1-2 or Level 3-4 Basic/Beginner - This course is a discounted option to allow a student to get their feet wet in the pole world that includes 16 hours of online tutorials. This course can be taught in person per request (as a group rate or individual - additional fees may apply) 4. 2 Day Intermediate - This course is currently in person only!
  • Can I teach #PrettyGirlsPole classes after Certification?
    Before allowing students to After certification, we will provide the option to TRAIN and TEACH as a #PrettyGirlsPole instructor to teach globally.
  • Is the #PrettyGirlsPole Teacher Training Certification Program for you?
    If you love the art of pole dancing & want to turn it into a legitimate hustle, own a studio, empower women to become pole ninjas, become a exotic dancer, learn the fundamentals or teach privately with curriculum tools that work — THIS COURSE IS JUST FOR YOU! #PrettyGirlsPole is one of the biggest supportive global pole community, to train with a 10+ year pole veteran, receive LIFETIME BTS mentorship & discounts plus pole sisters that'll turn into best friends! This Certification Course is packed with safety techniques, moves and training guides to confidently turn you into a pole professional! All students receive hands on training using the fundamentals to grow, expand & to teach ✖️CLUSIVE Body Positive programs! Although this course was designed to turn pole virgins into Pretty Pole Pros - we recommend prospective students to take least 1-5 classes prior to jumping into an immersive class!
  • What comes with becoming Pretty Girls Pole Certified?
    Here is what to expect in Level 1-4 (in person) Pole Teacher Training with #PrettyGirlsPole: ✅ In Person Training with your pretty cohort at our sponsored host studio ✅ Instant Association to teach #PrettyGirlsPole classes/workshops ✅ Printed Manuel + Routines📒. ✅ Learn over 75+ pole trix, transitions, how to spot & beginner floorwork. ✅ Learn how to create curriculum, courses and class concepts ✅ Access to BTS (opt in Behind the Scene) pole career starter mentorship. ✅ Complimentary Pretty + Paid swag bag filled with goodies & apparel from our pole sponsors! ✅ Rights to use marketing graphics/logos + 40% OFF all site features (merch, classes, etc.) ✅ Completion of 20hours of Registered Pole Training hours ✅ Showcase Graduation
  • How to Pass
    To pass the certification you must be able to perform a minimum of 80% of the moves taught and pass the lecture exam. Memorizing the routines is not required. Your manual will serve as a guide for continued education. In addition to 1. Attend all scheduled classes listed for your co-hort. 2. Host a full in person pole class (with a certified instructor) or Submit a video of you teaching at least (3) Level 1-4 moves (to a student with little to no experience) within 1 month of the last exam date. 3. Pass (2) Practical (physical moves/verbiage) and Lecture Exams as well as homework to complete with 80% or better. 4. Successfully learn all pole moves/poses/transitions, language and execute 20hour training 5. Complete payment in full before certification date before receiving the final Certification Award and be recognized as Beginner Certified in Pole Dance & Fitness with Pretty Girls Pole Incorporated. Upon completion you (your company/or brand) will be listed on Pretty Girls Pole certified instructors page site page. You will also receive a certification graphic for placement on your website and or promotional materials. A min of 1-6 months previous pole dancing experience is required to ensure you are prepared for the certification (reviewed within application). To further prepare for the #PrettyGirlsPole certification course, please review our upcoming pole workshops, classes or virtual sessions, especially if you have no previous pole dancing experience.
  • Can men become certified?
    Although #PrettyGirlsPole target audience is female, we do accept non -binary sex preference into online courses and males to become certified (we call them fly guys). #PrettyGirlsPole does not discriminate on what body positivity looks like. All interested participants must state their sexual preference on the application for class/workshops or in person certifications to notify and offer other participants to opt in or out of course.
  • How long are certifications?
    In person Certifications are 3 days long, in a 20 hour cirriculumn format. Online Certifications can take up to 2 days to 6 weeks, due to the availability to
  • Interest Meeting Policy Disclaimer
    To all who have registered for a Certification Interest meeting (webinar) understands and agrees to the following: RSVPs must participate in a LIVE webinar to collect their 10% discount towards their certification. Discounts are given via email to participants that check in. Despite what time of year a participant signed up to attend the webinar, promo codes expires December 31, 2023 at 11:59am PST Your promocode can only be used once and can not be remixed/or batched with other discounts. For example, if we host a forth of July certification sale, Certification Interest Meeting participants can not opt in for the July cert sale and use 10% OFF, but if the forth of July sale is a better investment to you, participants are allowed to buy the forth of July sale separately and forfeit the 10% OFF. Once you have enrolled with your discount code, you can not apply multiple discounts. It is optional to earn $50 off through our referral program which allows you to receive a $50 cash rebate (or use $50 towards your certification) if a pole friend of yours signs up and uses your name as a referral. To receive a $50 cash rebate, your referral must complete all payments towards certifications.
  • How do I become a sponsor/vendor at #PrettyGirlsPole events?
    Sponsor/Vendor applications open on the 1st of every month. Please read this FAQ before you apply for more detailed sponsor/vendor information! Applications are not first come, first serve. This is a curated market, so all vendors must go through an approval process. For more insight on our selection process, please continue to read the next subject heading titled "How are vendors selected". What is a curated marketplace? A curated marketplace is a marketplace where the marketplace’s administrators screen vendors before allowing them to post. Curation can play an important role in the image your marketplace projects. By screening or vetting vendors interested in providing goods or services on your marketplace, you can be assured of a certain level of quality. After you apply, you will receive an email within 1 week if you have been accepted and must pay the sponsor/vendor fee within 72 hours to confirm your spot. Due to limited space not everyone who applies will be accepted. #PrettyGirlsPOle does not send decline emails or application status updates to applicants as this is ongoing. If we contact you and do not hear from you within 48 hours, your spot may be given to another vendor on the waitlist. Please be sure to add to your email contacts so our emails do not go to spam.
  • How are the sponsors/vendors selected?
    Due to limited space and hundreds of applicants, our acceptance process is selective. This is a curated market, so we make it a point to not have too many vendors within the same category in order for event spaces (may include in person events/webinar and/or pop-up certifications) to have variety and for our vendors to get the most out of their sales . Each event is a combination of returning vendors and brand-new vendors. In terms of selection criteria, we are only looking for a level of professionalism, thoughtful branding, and quality products that stand out when making our choice. It is preferred that sponsors/and or vendors have their own brand and products vs. reselling products. You must be able to provide a website or Instagram account where we can view a variety of what you will be selling or services you will be offering. Our team thoughtfully reviews each application to make sure they're a good fit for the market atmosphere first. Please keep in mind we host intimate events and cannot accept everyone.
  • How much is it to be a Sponsor?
    $30 (this price is reflected as a non-attendee) If sponsors wish to attend an in-person event, they must request a discount code to enter for 50% OFF (at least 12 days prior to the event starting)
  • Sponsor Policy FAQs
    Sponsor investment includes: a personal sponsored flyer for your business to advertise on social media and make $$$ from ticket sales from your exclusive promo code (payout incentive included in agreement form via email once accepted). All sponsors/vendors must complete a sponsor/vendor agreement. Your logo will be added to any updated flyers in exchange for your business to supply a featured item/service/discount cards or product to a sold-out audience (up to 30 guests, plus performers and social media (Instagram 2k+ audience including 300+ mailing list subscribers) and Interview opportunity with our public relations manager. You may receive a rejection letter via email if your brand does not meet our curated marketplace with additional options we can possibly extend as a sponsor. In the event that you are not selected, we will refund your investment funds within 3-10 business days.
  • Where is the posse meeting next?
    #PrettyGirlsPole 2022 Pop Up Schedule July 30 Mississippi August 14 ATL September 25 Mississippi October 8 Mississippi October 15 ATL October 29 Los Angeles December - location TBA Subscribe to our mailing list & select "Sponsor/Vendor Opps" to receive emails directly to you for upcoming vending opportunities. Use this link to sign up
  • I just applied. When will I hear back?
    We get back to all selected vendors within 2 weeks of application. If you do not hear from us within 2 weeks, you were not selected for this market (also check your spam). We only contact those who are selected due to the high volume of applicants. Please be sure to check your email and spam for your acceptance email. If we don't hear from you within 48 hours, another vendor on the waitlist will take your place. Apply here -
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