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an immersive experience where wombs whisper and warriors awaken through cultivated movement that unlocks a gateway to healing through sensuality & sacral tools.

This immersion is inspired & motivated by the intention to help create liberatory community spaces for women everywhere.


with facilitated experts to unveil womb magic that can heal blocked energetic pathways through shadow & sacral energy within the pink portal orbit. The Pink Portal awaits, a sacred space for women to cultivate a deep connection with their wombs, heal past hurts, and awaken their intuition.

a Glimpse inside the Portal

will look like... 


The Pink Portal

is brought to you by 

Positive Ashley 

Founder of Living Womb Spa & Taste of Tantra

serves to empower you to blossom in mind & body all while nurturing the spirit. ✨


Her love for naturopathy started at Environmental Charter High School, where interconnectedness of nature and well-being unfolded into biological researcher to mending her self mastery as a Certified Wholistic Doula at the Mothership Institute and Vaginal Steam Practitioner, guiding mamas and families through transformative birthing experiences.


With an MPH from Grand Canyon University and international research in herbs, plants and soil where she learned to blend science and sacred practices to offer unique perspectives on holistic healing. ‍♀️

For over 10+ years, Ashley has served as:

Shamanic Spiritual Guide: Leading medicinal journeys, ancestral sound bath meditation and yoga to cultivate inner peace and spiritual connection.


Birth Doula/Womb Healing Facilitator: Empowering women to reconnect with their sacred center and embrace their intuitive wisdom through Tantric practices while supporting families through the birth journey. 

Samantha Denae

Endometriosis Activist & Vsteam Practitioner

Samantha Denäe, CHHP, is a certified holistic health and feminine practitioner, motivational speaker, dance instructor, Endometriosis advocate, educator, and survivor. She is also the owner of Samantha Denäe, LLC, providing spiritual healing services and holistic womb care products.

Samantha believes pole has been the game changer in personal road to healing, using dance as a way to open the sacral chakra.

She encourages her students and peers to use dance as a tool to release trauma and rid the body of illness. 

sponsored by Pretty Girls Pole

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