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Instructor rewrites body narrative into pole industry

The Pretty Press interviewed Jada La Pearl, a Georgia-based pole instructor, model and actor, about being a voluptuous woman in the pole industry and her road to become a certified pole instructor.

Jada La Pearl is a pole instructor, model, actress, to name a few.

Photo Credit: @designsbymsjaiinc

By The Pretty Press

This feature is from "Pretty & Paid Conversations," a series of interviews with influential women of color about entrepreneurship, pole dancing, body positivity and sexual health.

This is an abbreviated conversation from an interview with Jada La Pearl:

The Pretty Press: When did you decide that you wanted to try out pole dancing??

Jada La Pearl: As I was growing up, it was very intriguing to me because I've always been [seen] as a kid, chubby, thick, whatever. I didn't see anyone like me doing what I do at my age at that time. I didn't think it was possible for a very long time.

[The year] 2017 is when I finally picked up some proper stripper shoes and went to one of the local studios here and started taking beginner classes and pole. When that began, it was refreshing because I wanted to learn how to wear platform [shoes] perfectly. I wanted to make sure I don't fall on my face. And let's try this basic fireman [move] and see how this goes. And it was great. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

And to understand that what you see is a lot tougher than what you're looking at. The work that you have to really put into climbing and being able to control your core and upper body being developed over time, I underestimated what you really have to put yourself through in order to really do these [moves] that I see all the time [on the pole].

I saw a plus size instructor, and I saw her move. And she's definitely a woman that is of voluptuousness and voluminous body. It was just she's able to do these wonderful things. And that was when I started doing serious classes, so I can increase my skill set over time.

The Pretty Press: How did you find out about Pretty Girls Pole?

Jada La Pearl smiles during a Zoom interview with The Pretty Press in late August.

Jada La Pearl: I was contemplating about getting certified in pole. I want to be able to have this particular credential. I want to be able to show people that I know what I'm doing. And then I saw a post for all certification courses.

Ashley is absolutely just a ball of bubbly amazingness. I love her. She’s a great instructor herself as well as an amazing performer just, Oh my gosh, she's so freakin strong. As far as Pretty Girls Pole, I couldn’t ask for anything else when it comes to a great direction of building new pretties from a place of pole. I do have my own tribe of people that I've developed relationships with as well too. But from a place as far as a learning instructor, that's where it has its own etiquette. It has its own direction. It has its own vibe. You want to be a part of it simply because you know what it can be able to do for you. And also you find yourself which you can be able to do for others too. The type of growth that you get in, it's like, I got to be able to pour back into it because of how much is done for me.

The Pretty Press: Any words of encouragement that you want to share for women who are curvy and thick and beautiful and voluptuous that are in this pole industry?

Jada: In addition to, of course, being a mom. I am a pole instructor. I am a dance floor instructor. I am an actress ... I do explicit content, I do modeling … I’m newly getting into dominatrix. So I say all of this to say you're possible. You're everything. In anything that you want to be it’s all about a mindset. The value that you see in yourself is all about self development, its all about understanding and knowing who you are. And I am a woman of colors and curves. I am of course a woman who is able to create, I am a woman who's able to manifest things, I am a woman who's able to be strong and beautiful at the same time. And be bold in my existence. That's the major thing.

And it took me a minute to be able to really accept and understand that concept from my picking and prying at my body of all I want to have this particular thing I want my body to like this or have this. I've gone up and down with my weight. ...Either way, I was still that girl, regardless, you know what I'm saying? So it's a matter of the conversation that you're having with yourself. It's that matter of the conversations that you're having with yourself to other people. It is really tapping into who you are. And for me it is definitely rewriting that narrative of what a woman of color and curves can be able to do, from sensuality, to pole to twerking to acting to how she loves herself to how she is to be loved, to how she is portrayed in movies, and in videos and in modeling to be that powerhouse of a being. That's what I would say collectively. So to anyone who may be wondering about pole, and if it's something that they want to do, want to be a part of, [and wonder] are they too big? Are they not? Or don't feel like they're not as sexy, baby, you’re already it. Just tap in.


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