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Are you tired of applying for grants and never getting approved? Look no further than Pretty, Paid & Funded: Grant Masterclass.


This 90-minute LIVE webinar will provide you with exclusive inside hacks on how to secure grants.


Learn how to:

  • hook your reader
  • steal 10 tips to become a grant writing pro
  • discover 5 hacks to pitch a grant 
  • plus where to find investors
  • gain insight from real-life examples of winning grant hooks and more.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to level up your grant writing skills and increase your chances of securing funding for your projects. There's a seat at the table with your name on, pull up to become Pretty, Paid & Funded!


Steal the Pretty & Paid grant bundle which includes current grants worth applying to, a grant writing template & SMART goal template that will assist you every time you submit a grant!!

Pretty, Paid & Funded: Grant Masterclass

$18.00 Regular Price
$9.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Pretty Girls Pole prohibits refunds for digital products.

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